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Garry Gay Fine Art Photography

Santa Rosa, CA


Garry Gay � Photography (707) 541-7545
Education: Brooks Institute of Photography, BPA Degree, 1974.

Garry has worked in Northern California as a professional photographer for over 37 years. He began his career in Marin County as a studio photographer before becoming an advertising photographer in San Francisco. He has been shooting stock for the Image Bank, now Getty Images, for over 28 years. He is currently represented world wide by nine stock photo agencies.

His award winning fine art photos have been widely shown and juried into fine art shows.

Garry also shoots assignment work. His commercial work includes magazine, book, CD, and album covers, posters, greeting cards, and other print publications, including work for the wine and high tech industries. He enjoys creating and styling sets in the studio and is an avid collector of props and unusual objects. Garry's studio is in Santa Rosa, 60 miles north of San Francisco in Sonoma County.

Garry Gay is also an award-winning and internationally published writer of Haiku poetry. His on-line book, The Long Way Home, combines his poetry and photographic images.

Awards: New York Art Directors Guild Gold Award, Addy Award, Advertising Club of the Monterey Peninsula Sam Seagull Award, Best of Show, Best in Poster category, and Society of Publication Design Award.

All my photographs on FAA are copyright protected and may not be reproduced, copied, or used for any purpose without my express consent.


Train Scrap Yard Felton California by Garry Gay


Train Bone Yard by Garry Gay


Beautiful Old Steam Train by Garry Gay


Large Gear And Cable by Garry Gay


Train Yard Gears by Garry Gay


Forgotten Engine Number Six by Garry Gay


Forgotten Train Black And White by Garry Gay


Forgotten Engine by Garry Gay


Dixiana Coming Through The Woods by Garry Gay


Number Seven Old Train by Garry Gay


Number Seven With Flags by Garry Gay


American Flag On Engine Number Seven by Garry Gay


The Dixiana Letting Off Steam by Garry Gay


Old Time Locomotive Sonora by Garry Gay


Locomotive And American Flag by Garry Gay


Number Seven Locomotive by Garry Gay


Locomotive Number Seven by Garry Gay


Steam Train Dixiana by Garry Gay


Dixiana Number one by Garry Gay


Compass And Pistole On Old Map by Garry Gay


Red Freeway Tail Lights by Garry Gay


Abstract Freeway lights by Garry Gay


Freeway Tail Lights by Garry Gay


Freeway Lights by Garry Gay


Light Trails by Garry Gay


Typewrter Wavy Keys by Garry Gay


Crazy Typewriter by Garry Gay


Pink White Roses On Blue Boards by Garry Gay


Beautiful Soft Pink White Roses by Garry Gay


The Magic Of Roses by Garry Gay


Speckled Butterfly by Garry Gay


Black And Orage Butterfly On Roses by Garry Gay


Wonderful White Butterfly by Garry Gay


Yellow Butterfly On Pink White Roses by Garry Gay


Jester And Roses by Garry Gay


Vintage Bubblegum Machine by Garry Gay


Clown And Jester by Garry Gay


White Shell by Garry Gay


Romantic Jester by Garry Gay


Old Worn Horn by Garry Gay


Old Worn Ball And Mitt by Garry Gay


Optometrist Equipment by Garry Gay


Mickey Rat Row Boat by Garry Gay


Wonderful Orange Dahilas by Garry Gay


Three Moody Dahalias by Garry Gay


Two Black And Whte Dahlias by Garry Gay


Two Lovely Dahlias by Garry Gay


Lovely Textured Dahlia by Garry Gay